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Metropolitan School

Metropolitan School

Business types: School
country: Egypt
city: Cairo
area: New Cairo - 5th settlement
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general information

  • location:

    Egypt, Cairo

    New Cairo - 5th settlement

  • address:

    Address: 7 Khaled Ibn Al Waleed St., South of Police Academy, New Cairo, Egypt

  • phone:

    00 16489 (Landline)

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  • operation time:

    From : 8:00 AM - To : 2:00 PM

  • weekly days off:

    Saturday, Friday

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  • English
  • System Type : American
  • Pre School
  • School

brief about organization

Metropolitan School will deliver an outstanding international education whilst ensuring that Egyptian values are central to school life, stretching the minds of our students to equip them with both a passion for learning and the ambition to make a difference to the local and global communities.

All students will have the opportunity to become involved in community service projects making a difference to the lives of people who are less fortunate than themselves.

We will educate with the philosophy of building a new generation of entrepreneurs, by encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship.

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activities and facilities

Built on a 21,000 square meter plot in New Cairo, Metropolitan School is creatively designed to engage your child’s curiosity while encouraging a love of learning.  Designed by the architectural firm ECG, the building incorporates the latest philosophy in building design and technology.  All classrooms have been fitted with cooled fresh air diffusers to reduce the transmission of disease. Our focus on health in the building extends to the flooring and furniture, which are made using anti-bacterial materials.

The safety of your child is something we take very seriously. Fire proofed cables, conduits and wall sealing constructed to contain a fire for two hours are installed throughout the building. Together, with an extensive smoke detection system and our evacuation policy,  all is in place to protect your child in the unlikely event of an incident.