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Ethos International School

Ethos International School

Business types: School
country: Egypt
city: Cairo
area: 6th of October
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organization information

general information

  • location:

    Egypt, Cairo

    6th of October

  • address:

    20/6 Behind Royal City Compound , Entrance 1 , 6th of October

  • phone:

    01028966660 (Mobile)

  • website:

operation information

  • operation time:

    From : 8:00 AM - To : 2:00 PM

  • weekly days off:

    Saturday, Friday

Organ ization Tags

  • English
  • System Type : British
  • Pre School

brief about organization

We are a private international school in Egypt established under the umbrella of Ethos Educational Services, along with Rukan Nursery and Preschool and Ethos Academy; offering a first class British education.  Our main aim is to offer future generations a holistic education that provides development opportunities, intellectual exposure and varied experiences, while maintaining and supporting healthy social norms. Established in 2015, the school occupies 14,000 Meter of land in Sheikh Zayed City with a green, environmentally friendly campus. Once completed, the campus will contain a total of 70 classes with a maximum of 25 pupils per class.



organization listing



system International
system type British
keywords IGCSE
Pre School Availability Yes
main teaching language English
native teacher available No
Additional Learned Languages French, German
certification provided at graduation
transportation Availability No
Boys & Girls Mixedd
age range from: 3Y - to: 18Y
Special Needs & Disability Care Availability No
annual fees range
from: Any EGP - to: Any EGP
activities include:
Acting, Art, Character Building, Cooking, Dancing, Football, Games, Music, Sports & Fitness, Swimming, Trips
date of new applications from: 15 Jan - to: 15 May
more information

The philosophy of character education at Ethos School is to incorporate the achievement side of character along with the moral and ethical side. Through developing students both “performance traits,” those that support strong performance, and “moral traits,” those that support strong, honest, and healthy relationships. Through this approach, our students develop a remarkable balance between mind and heart. We aspire to develop ethical citizens committed to building a just and caring world.

activities and facilities


Classified by the Dewey Decimal System, our libraries cover significant space and include all genres of books. Our pupils have the liberty to choose books either for leisure or academic use.


Science Labs

Science laboratories are state of the art and are equipped with science equipment, internet, and projectors for all Key Stage pupils; they are also monitored by full-time technicians to ensure safety.



The school provides a well-equipped clinic for all pupils. The school doctor and nurses have relevant experience and cater to pupils with injuries or illnesses and keep medical files.


Football and Other Courts

Our Physical Education curriculum offers a wide range of sport activities, using our Football field and our multi-purpose, hard surface court. Pupils are also encouraged to take part in school teams and compete in school tournaments. School courts are used extensively during the school day and for after-school activities.  


Computer Lab

With full-time operating internet connectivity, our Computer lab is designed to support our pupils' interactive learning through access to online workbooks and worksheets. The school system will be operated by our IT technicians and support facilities. 



We believe that the quality of food highly affects a child's behaviour, performance and learning ability, consequently the offerings of the school cafeteria promote health and proper nutrition.


Our school playgrounds are designed with respect to physical ability, age and developmental appropriateness, and sensory-stimulating activity to provide a safe environment for a play setting.