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Guten Tag Kindergarten

Guten Tag Kindergarten

Business types: Nursery & Preschool, Camps
country: Egypt
city: Cairo
area: New Cairo - 1st settlement
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organization information

general information

  • location:

    Egypt, Cairo

    New Cairo - 1st settlement

  • address:

    Villa 118 tawfeek el hakimullah street,south police academy 1st settlement.

  • phone:

    01025017373 (Mobile)

operation information

  • operation time:

    From : 8:30 AM - To : 4:00 PM

  • weekly days off:

    Saturday, Friday

Organ ization Tags

  • Nurseries & preschools
  • Special Needs
  • Camps
  • Winter
  • Summer
  • Nursery & Preschool

brief about organization

Guten Tag Nursery& Daycare is a german Kindergarten in New Cairo.

Certified and qualified teachers & native german teachers apply the german curriculum.


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