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KIVA International Preschool

KIVA International Preschool

Business types: Nursery & Preschool
country: Egypt
city: Cairo
area: New Cairo - 5th settlement
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organization information

general information

  • location:

    Egypt, Cairo

    New Cairo - 5th settlement

  • address:

    South Investors Services Area, Gamal Abdel Nasser Axis, behind Concord Plaza

  • phone:

    0127371 4440 (Mobile)

operation information

  • operation time:

    From : 8:00 AM - To : 4:00 PM

  • weekly days off:

    Saturday, Friday

Organ ization Tags

  • English
  • Camps
  • Spring
  • Special Needs
  • Winter
  • Play Based
  • Child Led
  • Nurseries & preschools
  • System Type : Finnish
  • Creative Movement
  • Expressive Art
  • Summer
  • Arabic
  • Nursery & Preschool

brief about organization

KIVA International Preschool is the first to adopt the Finnish Education System in Egypt. We believe in children and all aspects of their evolution; we aim to nourish the mind and body by providing children and their parents the resources to help with their advancement and growth.  

We strongly believe in play-based development and educational recreation that fully utilizes children’s capacity for learning. We promote free-play, the form of play that allows children to expand their imagination and bring out their full potential. 

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