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Zteacher, All what you need in one Portal

Zteacher is the 1st portal connecting jobseekers, organizations & parents in one place.

Our aim is to offer every School, Nursery & Preschools, Educational Center, Online Education, SEN, Camps Provider, Music Center, Art with the opportunity to join a community that will strengthen the education sector and the amount of candidates placed within it. We believe that we will make it better & easier for all

zteacher was started because we identified as individuals who have worked in education recruitment the huge gap within the sector and understand the consequences of the shortage of candidates that schools are currently facing and the impact it could have on generations to follow.

We believe that education is the foundation to success, we want to ensure that every institution has access to all available resources and to help ease the shortage and strain that is put upon budgets and resources within the sector on a daily basis and that every parent can explore various opportunities for their kids

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Not only do we provide professional recruitment services but also helping parents to find what suits their kids best

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Recruitment portal for parents and organizations to find the best candidates

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Organizations can market and advertise their services to reach thousands of parents